The recommended font to use in GeoPlatform web accessible resources is Open Lato . Optionally, the default Bootstrap font-face, Sans-serif, and the web friendly Arial and Helvetica fonts are also acceptable.

Font Sizes

The default root element font size used by GeoPlatform web resources is 16px. Style variables such as paddings and margins use EMs (sizes relative to the element’s parent font size) to be consistent when users adjust font sizes in their browser.

Please note that the default Bootstrap v3.x font size is 14px. The Platform’s baseline style sheet (platform.css) specifies the correct size, but custom style sheets should specify the correct value.


H1 – 2.25 em / 36 px

The largest acceptable font for text; should only be used for hero unit lead copy.

H2 – 1.875 em / 30 px

Used for hero unit lead copy.

H3 – 1.5 em / 24 px

Application / Page title, only.

H4 – 1.125 em / 18 px

Section headings within a page.

H5 – 1 em / 16 px
Default item heading font size; used for headings on cards, lists, tables, etc.

H6 – 0.75 em / 12 px
Not used.

Body Text – 1 em / 16 px
Default body font size.

Small Text – 0.875 em / 14 px
Default small text font size; used for supporting elements like item descriptions.