GeoPlatform Theme Colors

rgb(17, 33, 88)
.t-bg–-primary, .t-fg–-primary
Used for prominent item backgrounds or text
rgb(51, 153, 51)
.t-bg–-accent, .t-fg-–accent
Used for some headings and labels, title bars, and calling attention to elements
rgb(0, 115, 213)
.t-bg–-selected, .t-fg-–selected
Used for indicating user selections, links, and current state
State Colors

Inherited from Bootstrap

rgb(92, 184, 92)
.t-bg–-success, .t-fg–-success
Used for indicating success and valid input / state
rgb(0, 114, 133)
.t-bg–-info, .t-fg–-info
Used for indicating informational items and actions
rgb(240, 173, 78)
.t-bg–-warning, .t-fg-–warning
Used for indicating caution or potential for issues
rgb(217, 83, 79)
.t-bg–-danger, .t-fg–-danger
Used for indicating failure and invalid input / state
Blue-scale Colors

Variations of blues used by GeoPlatform

Dark Blue
rgb(16, 42, 70);
.t-bg–-blue-dk, .t-fg–-blue-dk
Medium Blue
rgb(24, 91, 138)
.t-bg–-blue-md, .t-fg–-blue-md
Light Blue
rgb(49, 118, 167)
.t-bg–-blue-lt, .t-fg–-blue-lt
Extra Light Blue
rgb(91, 155, 202)
.t-bg–-blue-xlt, .t-fg–-blue-xlt
Grayscale Colors
Dark Gray
rgb(223, 240, 216)
.gray-dk, .text-gray-dk
Bootstrap default text color; used for footer background
Medium Gray
rgb(91, 192, 222)
.gray-md, .text-gray-md
Bootstrap muted text color; used for supplimentary text
Light Gray
rgb(240, 173, 78)
.gray-lt, .text-gray-lt
Used for some non-prominent borders
Extra-light Gray
rgb(217, 83, 79)
.gray-xlt, .text-gray-xlt
Used for most non-prominent borders