GeoPlatform Community Cookbook

The community cookbook is divided up into several different sections. Each section provides step-by-step guidance for creating and customizing your community space. If you have searched through the cookbook and are still unable to find the guidance you need, email the GeoPlatform Service Desk (

GeoPlatform CCB Theme

This is our GeoPlatform built theme that provides a template that aligns with the GeoPlatform style guide. This theme allows for all content to be edited and customized.

Astra/Elementor Theme

This is our third party recommended theme. It comes with several different templates/layouts, but allows for an easy option to further customize of the layout. With this theme you can also edit and customize all content.

GeoPlatform Plugins and Tools

Share your community assets and resources (e.g. maps, galleries, datasets, services, and applications) through the various GeoPlatform plugins and other tools.

Onboarding New Community Members

Find more information about the different community roles and how to onboard new community members.

Overview of the Admin Dashboard
The admin dashboard can be viewed when a user is logged in. This page can only be viewed by accounts with elevated privileges.The admin dashboard is where the content and layout of the community can be edited and updated including:
    Site and Page Layout Customizations
    Community User List

Quick Overview of Key Components
    Posts and Pages – Where the majority of the community’s content is added and edited.
    Media – Where the images and documents used in the community space will be added and stored.
    Appearance – Where you customize the look and layout of your community space.
    Settings – Where you can edit general community settings and find information for using GeoPlatform installed plugins.
    Users – where you view current community members and their roles.
Updated on February 13, 2020
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