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Dynamic Digital Communities Overview brings people together from around the Nation, and the world, to share geospatial resources, providing open access to national datasets, allowing users to add upload and share their own data, and create maps and galleries that can be viewed and utilized by others.

GeoPlatform Dynamic Digital Communities enable partners to quickly build cross-agency community portals with rich dynamic geospatial content and interactive tools. Whether for a major national event, an issue of great concern to the public, or a special multi-agency project, GeoPlatform allows stakeholders to collaborate and share their resources, as a curated interactive experience.

Dynamic Digital Communities are online spaces to collaborate with colleagues and interact with the public, delivering:

  • Data: authoritative, trusted, consistent data and services
  • Tools: visual and analytic tools and applications
  • Services: web based geospatial services

GeoPlatform provides a comprehensive toolset to rapidly build, deploy, and support wide-ranging community development and exploitation lifecycles. The open platform streamlines online community development processes, and enhances community experiences, providing a rich and diverse catalog of themes and templates, and providing new embedded applications (plugins and widgets) that populate community spaces with relevant, dynamic content––maps, map galleries, news and data feeds.

  • Provide end-end, cloud-native solutions for resource sharing
  • Gather and share geospatial data and services across the federal, state, and local government enterprise
  • Lower the bar for traditional and non-traditional data providers to easily contribute in times of crisis
  • Deliver mission-relevant, user friendly dynamic digital community capabilities and experiences

The GeoPlatform’s Community Tool Kit (CTK) integrates:

  • Common, standards-based services for sharing resources
  • Enhanced metadata for human and machine consumption
  • Open and interoperable business objects – Open Maps and Open Layers – independent of technology or where they exist in the Web
  • Dynamic data for active, current, relevant community experiences

Create dynamic, customized experiences with widgets and plugins for:

  • Curating the Community Portfolio of assets – documents, datasets, services, layers, maps and galleries
  • Event creation and management
  • Comment moderation
  • Community members and profile management
  • Managing multi-media content
  • Controlling access to selected content
  • Integrating business process and governance workflows into the community experience


  • Address issues of national importance
  • Answer questions, support decision-making, form initiatives, take action!
  • Engage with timely mission-critical data, and other significant curated Linked Open Data (LOD), like Open Maps, to answer mission-relevant questions
  • Build highly interactive experiences with rich, dynamic, interconnected geospatial and Web content.
  • Connect government and citizens in cross-agency initiatives
  • Organize and integrate people, processes, and technology
Updated on October 29, 2019
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