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Watch tutorial videos on and learn how to use GeoPlatform applications!

Map Manager
Search and browse through maps harvested from ArcGIS Online and GeoPlatform Map Viewer. Select maps to create a Map Block or Map Gallery, then add it to your webpage or share it with a friend.
Map Manager
  • Search and browse maps harvested from AGOL and GeoPlatform Map Viewer
  • Create map blocks and galleries
  • Share map blocks and galleries via email
  • Embed map blocks into your community or website
  • Embed galleries into your community or websites
  • Curate gallery pages with keywords
  • Import maps from ArcGIS Online as an Open Map resource in GeoPlatform.

Map Viewer

Browse data assets to find data of interest. Build a custom map. Upload your own data to the map. Share the map with others.

Map Viewer
  • Search published maps
  • Save & publish composed maps
  • Configurable basemap layers
  • Add your own WMS or ESRI layers
  • Feature import using GeoJSON, KML, SHP, and CSV
  • Geolocation support
  • Measure distance
  • Draw features
  • and much more!
Dataset Search

A reusable tool for searching the Dataset Catalog. This application can be embedded into any web page (e.g., a GeoPlatform Community page) for searching datasets using customized search parameters.

Dataset Search
  • Search Dataset Catalog for published datasets
  • Search by dataset name, phrase, or keyword
  • Filter by organization, organization type, tag, format, topics, status, and topic categories
  • Filter by area-of-interest (selection on a map)
  • Sort search results by name, dates, popularity, and relevance
  • View details about datasets and their related resources
  • Embed and customize the application within HTML pages

Community Hosting

Tools, documentation, templates, and help-desk support for hosting user “communities”—interactive, topically-focused web portals that are managed and used collaboratively by specific communities with similar interests. These portals can provide a shared workspace for communities dedicated to the work of individual agencies, OMB Circular A–16 data themes, and cross-cutting program areas. For more information click here:

Community Hosting
  • Hosted Content Management System (CMS) using WordPress
  • Community-managed content
  • Integrated user authentication and role-based access management
  • Packaged themed templates with examples
  • Growing list of plugins and services including:
    • SAML authentication module
    • Maps and Map Galleries
    • Dataset Search

Service Dashboard

View the performance and status of web service resources registered with the GeoPlatform.

Performance Dashboard
  • At-a-glance view of overall status with Grade, Trend, and 7-day summary of services
  • List, find, filter and sort services by Theme, Agency, Title, Reliability, Days Online, Score, and Speed
  • Drill-down into individual services to view details, current status, latest performance statistics and 7-day log of scores and speeds
  • Perform on-the-fly tests of services using the FGDC Service Status Checker

LMA Dashboard

View the Lifecycle Maturity of the A-16 National Geospatial Data Asset (NGDA) datasets and themes.

LMA Dashboard
  • At-a-glance view of maturity of the entire NGDA dataset portfolio
  • View results for current and past assessment surveys
  • Filter Datasets by Theme and Agency
  • Drilldown into results of specific survey questions (individual datasets or rolled-up by theme)
  • View details about a Dataset
  • View status ratings for web Services associated with Datasets

Marketplace Preview

Check out the preview site and provide feedback. Search here first to see if other FGDC partners have similar data needs and then collaborate to lower your costs!

Marketplace App
  • Browse data collection projects by government agencies and partners
  • Register new projects for others to discover
  • Manage projects to keep everything up-to-date
Updated on November 9, 2019
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