GeoPlatform Release 18 was promoted to Production on 10 December 2019. The information on this page summarizes the new and significantly enhanced capabilities and features of this release. Release 18 has significant adjustments to improve the user experience, search performance, and Portfolio Management, as well as several significant new capabilities and features.

GeoPlatform Portal Experience (Portal & Theme Content)

Dynamic Digital Community Themes and Plugins


The dynamic community experience continues to mature with significant enhancements of the Community Core Bundle (CCB) for WordPress 5.3 and the Community Tool Kit (CTK) themes and an expanding suite of GeoPlatform and 3rd-party plugins. The GeoPlatform “CCB 4” theme released in R17 has a number of UI tweaks and enhanced features. The “Asset Carousel” CTK Plugin was updated for improved support of faceted search by “Semantic Concept”.

Enterprise Search

We continue to tweak the search scoring algorithms to improve search performance for more relevant results. In this release the scoring is adjusted to weight higher items that have more occurrences of user-specified key-phrases. We have fully implemented Google’s preferred scheme for content providers to make datasets discoverable by Google’s web crawlers and presented via the Google Dataset Search tool.  This capability allows “machines” to “see” multiple representations of GeoPlatform Assets including their and DCAT properties. Why is this important? Because structured data enables search engines other applications, using open standards, to discover, ingest, index, and access the resources of the GeoPlatform Portfolio. In R18, we’ve made adjustments to accomodate the Google crawler’s limited support for embedded json-ld and exclusive use of elements in HTML microdata.

Portfolio Management

The Resource Performance Module (RPM) Dashboard continues to be improved, providing insights into performance and utilization of Portfolio Assets registered to the GeoPlatform, with enhancements for usability and to report more information about GeoPlatform asset, content, and application utilization.  In R18, help content for RPM Dashboard has been significantly improved.  Enhancements to Object Editor (OE) have been made for additional actions on selected Assets, including an advanced editor tool for authorized curators of content to view and edit links, support for import of CSDGM-encoded metadata documents, and harvesting published metadata from WAF and CSW endpoints.
Updated on January 3, 2020
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