Release 15 (R15) was promoted to production on 29 March 2019. This page summarizes the new and significantly enhanced capabilities and features of in this release.
GeoPlatform Portal Experience
Featured Map and Posts

Quickly find and explore new featured content and maps as well as recent posts of information and events.

New Top-level Site Navigation Menu

In the banner of every portal page is displayed the new action menu for quickly accessing GeoPlatform Portfolio Resources…

    Explore Resources

    To find, navigate,and access portfolio resources by type: Datasets, Services, Layers, Maps, Galleries, Communities…

    With a landing page for each type, featuring new and trending resources and tools for searching, accessing and registering resources…

    Access NGDA Theme Resources

    To explore the portfolio of NGDA Theme resources…

    With landing pages for each NGDA Theme, featuring direct access to theme-specific news, information, and resources…

    Search the Portfolio and Portal

    A unified search tool for exploring and accessing portfolio resources and content…

    Asset Details and Actions Page

    The new “Asset Details” pages for each Portfolio asset, featuring summary information, links to related resources, usage statistics, and the knowledge graph classifiers…

Explore Portfolio Resources Carousel
Simplified Unified Search
Portfolio and Content Search

Search for “Disasters” phrase returns these Portfolio Assets (

and these Portal posts, pages, and media:

Portfolio Asset Details

When a user clicks-through on an item listed in the Portfolio Search results, information of the the selected asset is displayed in a uniform way, regardless of the type of asset. The Portfolio Asset Details page (a WordPress Plugin) unifies the presentation of key information in overview fashion, including usage links to related resources, views of usage statistics, and knowledge graphic classifiers. The Asset Details page also allows asset-specific actions to be taken.

Resolvable Asset URIs

GeoPlatform Assets can be persistently and uniquely referenced via a resolvable HTTP URI (i.e., URL-based identification scheme):

By default, the URI resolves to the Asset Details landing page. Note that the domain of all Assets registered to the GeoPlatform Portfolio are in the namespace “”. The URI scheme further distinguished registered Assets by type (e.g., “/maps” in the example above). Finally the persistent unique identifier for the registered asset (e.g., “/f3a679b03f4c0ae6b0f7aac0e2b6de3e”) is appended to form a globally unique, persistent and resolvable URI for the each Portfolio Asset.

Dynamic Digital Communities

The dynamic community experience continues to mature with enhancements to the current CCB themes and plugins and an expanding suite of GeoPlatform and 3rd-party plugins.

Request new Community Space

A new online form is used for interested parties to request a new Community Space to be provisioned. The form streamlines the initial steps in the process for review, approval, and provisioning of a new CCB instance.

New GeoPlatform Plugins

Beta-test Note: These plugins are not currently available for download from the WordPress Marketplace and, for beta-testing, are accessible only from the GeoPlatform Portal (

    Register Resource Plugin

    Quickly register external, web-accessible Dataset, Service, and Map resources to the GeoPlatform as Portfolio Assets. Additional types of web resources will be supported in coming versions of this plugin.

    Asset Carousel Plugin

    Allows dynamic access to Portfolio Resources through a carousel experience, with quick-links to search by resource type and other resource-specific actions.

    Asset Details Plugin

    Shows overview information including links to related resources, usage statistics and knowledge graph. Enables quick access to resource-specific actions.

    Trending Assets Plugin

    Lists the 6 most recent or used portfolio assets (Datasets, Services, Layers, Maps, Galleries, etc), allowing users to click-through to view and act on a selected asset.

Recently Assessed 3rd-Party Plugins

More information coming soon!

Portfolio Management

In addition to enhancements to Object Editor and the new Asset Details Plugin, there are a number of behind-the-scenes enhancements underway to streamline the harvesting and update of information about NGDA and other authoritative assets managed as the GeoPlatform Portfolio.

Object Editor

Some UI/UX tweaks and improvements for metadata ingest. A notable a new feature is now the ability to view/download the source metadata that was imported to the GeoPlatform and used to derive the corresponding Asset object. Not all Asset objects are derived from source metadata documents, but those that are, have an associated source metadata document that is maintained as a related resource.

Object Versioning

As Objects of the GeoPlatform Registry are updated, they are versioned such that the changes made to the object over time are logged and can be viewed. This is an essential element of preserving authoritative information from producers while also curating GeoPlatform Portfolio Asset with enhanced, value-add information — information beyond what is captured in source metadata to include linkages to a host of other related resources, roles on those relationships, and knowledge graphs derived from concepts defined in controlled vocabularies. With object versioning, changes to Assets can be tracked, viewed, and adjudicated in workflows for curating the GeoPlatform Portfolio. Beta-test Note: This feature is not currently enabled for beta-testing.

Disaster Community Module

This is a packaged set of 3rd-party plugins, domain vocabularies, and the new GeoPlatform Register Resource Plugin that, together, allow all kinds of web resources to be quickly registered, curated, discovered, and shared.

3rd-Party Plugins
    wpForo Forum Plugin
    • Description: wpForo Forums is a WordPress forum plugin. Full-fledged yet easy and light forum solution for your WordPress website. Comes with modern and responsive forum layouts and styles. This WordPress forum plugin brings everything you need to run an efficient and professional community.
    • URL:
    WP Blog and Widget Plugin
Disaster Vocabularies

From FEMA’s MODI (Modeling and Data Inventory – we have developed an initial suite of derived vocabularies for characterizing various dimensions of the Disasters Management domain. The concepts defined in these vocabularies can be used to enhance the knowledge graph on relevant GeoPlatform Portfolio Assets. The vocabularies of the GeoPlatform Disaster Management Domain include:

  • Lifeline
  • Resource Type (Data/Model Type)
  • Hazard
  • Owner (Agency)
  • Emergency Support Function (ESF)
  • Recovery Support Function (RSF)
  • Keyword
  • Core Capability
  • User (Agency)
  • Emergency Phase
  • Essential Elements of Information (EEI)
Register Resource Plugin

This is a new GeoPlatform CTK plugin that has immediate utility within the Disaster Domain as a tool for quickly registering external, web-accessible Dataset, Service, and Map resources to the GeoPlatform as Portfolio Assets. Additional types of web resources are planned in subsequent versions of this plugin for modeling and linking these new types of GeoPlatform Assets: Application, Web Site, and Topic.

Updated on April 8, 2019
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