GeoPlatform R14 Release Notes

Release 14 is  a planned “preview release” slated for early January 2019.  The theme of the release is “Portal Refresh”, focused on laying the groundwork with designs and prototypes and user-feedback needed to incrementally advance the new GeoPlatform Portal experience. Due in large part to the January 2019 Federal government shutdown, key milestones were delayed enough that it made more sense to merge R14 activities and outcomes with the planned R15 production release of the new GeoPlatform Portal experience slated for March 2019.

Portal & Theme Content 3.0

Activities during this release cycle included:
  1. Update all WordPress instances (Portal and CCB) to latestest WordPress (5.x)
  2. Evaluate user feedback to identify and assess key UI/UX bottlenecks and pain-points
  3. Consolidate the GeoPlatform Portal and Community (CCB) theme customizations into a common baseline for less redundancy and easier maintenance
  4. Develop UI mockups and conduct a series of meetings to brainstorm and refine key theme concepts, layout and navigation of content
  5. Develop the workflows and procedures for refreshing Portal content with new pages, posts and categories
  6. Identify and refine the iconography and other branding concepts
  7. Update the GeoPlatform styleguide
  8. Build mockups and prototypes and iteratively refine with guidance from GeoPlatform Portal UI/UX “small team”
  9. Build the WordPress theme customizations, plugins and widgets required to realize the new UI/UX vision
  10. Develop the community theme upgrade and content migration plans
Updated on June 4, 2019
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