Release 11 in Production on 18 March 2018

Release 11 (R11) is now in production. The information on this page summarizes the new and significantly enhanced capabilities and features of this release. Please also refer to the R11 Release Notes for more details about all features of and the new features and enhancements of R11.

GeoPlatform Open API 1.0

GeoPlatform Open API 1.0 is now available in the open and includes a client-side “helper” API (with source in a public GitHub repo). Authentication and authorization with OAuth2 tokens is required for all update operations (e.g., via HTTP PUT, POST, DELETE requests). More information about the Geoplatform Open API can be found here:

Community Tool Kit (CTK) 1.0

Community Tool Kit (CTK) 1.0 marks our first offering of standardized, configured, and tested WordPress plugins and widgets for creating Dynamic Digital Community experiences within the GeoPlatform ecosystem. In addition to updates to the CCB baseline, two new components are available as part of the CTK: GeoPlatform Maps Plugin and GeoPlatform Search Widget. These custom components are consumers of the GeoPlatform Open API and follow WordPress guidelines for creating compatible and secure customizations. The source PHP code makes them doubly useful as examples for creating your own custom plugins and using the GeoPlatform Open API. This is just the beginning of what will be an expanding library of custom components bundled with the CTK. More information about the GeoPlatform CTK can be found here:

Registering Accounts and Signing-in

The GeoPlatform Identity Management/ Identity Provider (IDM/IDP) services have been upgraded (replaced) to now use OAuth 2.0 as the new standards-based framework for user authentication and role-based authorization. These significant infrastructure updates were required for FISMA compliance and to streamline the administration and reporting of user accounts, improve the single-sign-on (SSO) experience, and enable controlled external access via the GeoPlatform Open API. As a result, the user account registration and sign-on experience is slightly different. Users will now only be challenged to login only once and only if they are performing operations that require authorized access (for example, to create a new Gallery in the Map Manager application or update an existing Open Map in Map Viewer).

Note: Some applications and subsystems of the ecosystem still use the legacy “SimpleSAML” login interface, namely: ArcGIS Online (AGOL), Drupal CMS, and WordPress CMS instances, including all Community Core Bundle (CCB) instances. These applications still authenticate to the credentials for your account, now in OAuth2.

Map Viewer

Map Viewer has been enhanced for improved support for the OGC Web Map Tile Service (WMTS), Esri Tile Server, and OGC WMS-T (WMS – Temporal, an OGC “Best Practice”) specifications. Other enhancements include: User Experience (UX) improvements for consistency with GeoPlatform look and feel, improved search, and selection of base layers.

Map Manager

Map Manager has been significantly enhanced for consistency with Map Viewer and now uses Object Editor to view and curate Map and Gallery objects.

Object Editor

Object Editor, the primary management tool for creating, augmenting, and linking Datasets, Services, Layers, Maps and Galleries (and now Communities!) as a portfolio of GeoPlatform business objects, is now accessible in read-only fashion to all users. OE now supports: curating Community objects, harvesting WMTS, Esri Tile Service, and WMS-T service endpoints, and support for creating dynamic layers for RSS/Atom/CAP feeds. Finally, there have been improvements for more robust harvesting of Maps and Services from ArcGIS Online (AGOL).

Roundtrip ISO 19115 Metadata

Import and export of ISO 19139, ISO 19115-3, and the “GeoPlatform Profile of ISO 19115-3” metadata documents. Several updates to fix bugs and more gracefully handle anomalies in ISO metadata produced by external publishers/ tools.

Community Core Bundle (CCB)

Updates to the Community Core Bundle (CCB). We continue to refine and test new capabilities for creating and sharing topical, dynamic content within Community Spaces. Of particular note is the incorporation of Community Tool Kit (CTK) as a growing library of custom components that are configuration-managed and tested for compatibility with WordPress and security.

Updated on January 14, 2019
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