Building Maps
Using GeoPlatform’s GeoPlatform Map Viewer, you can create maps using layers from many external map services. You can also customize your map with vector features by drawing on the map or uploading content from several supported spatial file types such as KML, GeoJSON, and Shapefiles. Have raster data that you want to add? You can easily import into the viewer from remote map services such as ESRI ArcGIS and OGC WMS.

Are you an ArcGIS Online user? Feel free to create your map there, or use an existing one, and load it into the GeoPlatform using the Map Manager tool. Once harvested, AGOL map(s) can be added to map galleries, alongside any GeoPlatform Web maps you’ve built.
Collaborate with Others
Collaboration leads to more creative, informative maps that have greater value for a broader audience. Saving your map adds it the Browse Maps panel in the GeoPlatform Map Viewer, so that your team members or other like minded users can explore and expand on your work. The resulting map can also be easily shared as a link.Already collaborating on an existing AGOL Web Map? Awesome! You can continue collaborating in AGOL, and still include it in your GeoPlatform Map Gallery. Using Map Manager, import the map(s) you wish to use in GeoPlatform.
Publish Maps
Upon saving your map in GeoPlatform Map Viewer or harvesting a map from AGOL, it is available within Map Manager where you can create shareable map galleries. Map Manager allows users to browse published maps and map galleries. Users create galleries and publish them in external web pages.
Embedding Maps and Galleries
Using Map Manager, you can browse and select a published map to embed in a web page. Simply click the button on any map and copy the displayed HTML snippet into the desired GeoPlatform community web page.

You can also create galleries of maps, with rich descriptions and linkages to GeoPlatform communities. After creating a gallery and adding maps to it, select the “Embed” button and copy the displayed HTML snippet into the desired web page.
Important Note!
Please be aware that an embedded map or gallery is constrained in size by the web page into which it is inserted. It’s recommended that you adjust your page’s style and structure to provide enough space for the map or gallery to fully display.
Updated on January 11, 2019
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