The GeoPlatformArcGIS Online (AGOL) organization account provides enhanced web capabilities. Federal partners are able to publish their data as services with no size restrictions. The GeoPlatform builds on AGOL services with the harvesting capability of the GeoPlatform Map Manager, which allows ArcGIS Online users to:
  • Import AGOL web maps for use by GeoPlatform communities and other uses
  • Instantly share AGOL web maps using open GeoPlatform services
  • Build GeoPlatform Open Map Galleries for insertion into any web page.
Browsing Web Maps in ArcGIS Online
Maps in ArcGIS Online must be published into GeoPlatform before being used by GeoPlatform services or shared with GeoPlatform users. Launch Map Manager’s AGOL page (GeoPlatform account required) to begin browsing available AGOL web maps suitable for publishing within GeoPlatform.
An initial page of maps from AGOL are displayed, allowing publishing of maps and further browsing using search controls. The controls in the top row are used to filter results and find the maps you’re interested.
  • Free text search
  • Filtering by AGOL Organization (see below for more information)
  • Sorting results
Filtering AGOL Web Maps by Organization
Maps in ArcGIS Online are filterable using the organzations that are responsible for creating and maintaining them. This section describes how to manage the list of queryable organizations within Map Manager so they may be used when browsing AGOL Web Maps.
Filtering AGOL Web Maps by Group
Back in the results, enter the organization’s name in the organization query field to limit results to that organization.
Publishing AGOL Web Maps to GeoPlatform
Web maps published from ArcGIS Online to the GeoPlatform Map Registry are available for building and sharing GeoPlatform Open Map Galleries.
Once a desired AGOL map is located in the search results, click to publish it to GeoPlatform. Changes to a published AGOL Map are automatically sync’ed with GeoPlatform.
Once a map has been published, it is discoverable within Map Manager, where it may be added to galleries and where users can learn how to embed it into GeoPlatform community pages.
To unpublish a map from GeoPlatform, click to remove it from GeoPlatform Registry. Please note that this does not alter the original map within AGOL.
Updated on November 7, 2019
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